When this season of life has passed, I don’t want to forget…

Sitting in the doctor’s office, staring expectantly at the ultrasound screen while holding Emmy’s hand. Watching her perfect little face glow when she found out her wish for a little brother had come true.

When our car CD player wouldn’t work after the ultrasound…just long enough for me to hear “Hold My Heart” on the radio.  God, thanks for letting it work again when I stopped crying.

Buying my first gift for Bowen, a little red racecar from Genius Jones in Boca Raton.

Being on the phone with Sarah, her voice trembling under the weight of tears as she said, “I want to buy our baby boy clothes, but I’m so scared he’ll never wear them.”

The pile of Bowen’s clothes in our living room a few days later.

How much our family has done for us.

Sarah on the phone with doctors and friends, fighting for every piece of information she can get to help our baby boy.

Receiving over two hundred emails of encouragement from people we don’t even know within days of sharing our story on K-Love and The Current FM.

The amount of compassion I feel for the sick and dying.

The peace of knowing God in the midst of suffering

Wanting to make every moment count

The way I feel when I look into Sarah’s eyes.  Only God knows my heart better than this woman.  I’m so honored to share my life and this struggle with her.