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Blog Archive September 2010

Moderate Care!

5:30pm… I’m looking out over the city of Ann Arbor, getting a breath of fresh air from the eighth floor terrace of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. Today, I’m feeling especially …

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9.28.10 (God’s Wide-Angle Lens)

I had a really hard time not letting my negative emotions get the best of me this past weekend. I think it had a lot to do with my lack …

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A Letter From Emmy

Well, we had a minor setback today with Bowen’s progress. It looks like they’ll have to keep us in intensive care for a little while longer. We noticed two nights …

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I want to thank everyone who left comments on our last post and helped make Sarah’s birthday special! She read through all of them and was so appreciative of each …

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Sarah’s Birthday

Today is Sarah’s birthday and I want to make this one special!  I’m going to start by dedicating this post to her, then you can help me out by leaving …

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This morning, they took Bowen off of CPAP and replaced it with a small oxygen tube under his nose. He is still very uncomfortable a lot of the time, but …

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