Sarah and I spent a lot of time with Bowen today in the PCTU (Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic ICU).  At some point over the next few days we will be faced with a lot of the difficult emotions and responsibilities that come with Bowen’s HLHS, but right now we are just soaking in all the joys of being the proud parents of a brand new baby.  We can’t stop staring in wonder at the sight of our little boy wrapped in a white and blue striped blanket, snuggled up next to his stuffed alligator and monkey, wearing a cap that his great grandmother knit together with love.

A couple of random things…

I placed my hand over Bowen’s smooth little chest a lot today. After Monday, it will never feel the same.

Emmy and Claire met their little brother for the first time around 5:30pm. They were so excited! After expressing how cute and cool her brother was, Emmy said, “can we go to the playground?”