If you tried to visit our site yesterday, you probably saw a message saying we exceeded our bandwidth limit. We have had so many more people visit our site than we had planned for so our server shut us down. The best I could do was notify our friends through twitter that “Bowensheart.com crashed again today…overwhelmed by all the thoughts, prayers, and kind messages. Not a bad problem to have:).”

As you can see, we have the problem fixed and we’re pretty sure the site won’t crash again. Thank you so much for following Bowen’s story, please don’t stop checking in with us.  We don’t underestimate the power of even one little thought or prayer that’s sent up to God on our boy’s behalf.

Since we didn’t have the opportunity yesterday, let me give you an update.  Early yesterday morning, Bowen started to struggle a little with his breathing. The doctors, with our consent, made the choice to intubate him a day early.  It was hard to watch him go through that, but after he had his tube in he was so much more comfortable and relaxed.  It’s been so heartbreaking not be able to hold him for more than a couple minutes over the past few days, especially after something like that.  We just want to squeeze him all the time.  Sometimes, if the babies in the PCTU are doing well, they’ll make exceptions and let you hold them. One of our nurses, which are all wonderful by the way, told us that if we got some good rest we could come back in the afternoon and hold him for several hours.  She bribed us with with rest because Sarah has been on her feet and spending a lot of time standing at his bedside since Friday morning.  She is such a great mom, but we’re all afraid she could wear herself out before his surgery, which is when we’ll really need to be rested.  So we got some good rest and came back for what is arguably one of the most anticipated moments in our life together as parents.  We held God’s gift close to our chest and rocked, and rocked, and rocked for hours.  We didn’t want to let go.