In light of the rivalry between The Buckeyes and The Wolverines, this post has the potential to make our Buckeye neighbors cringe. So before you read this, let me say,”We love Ohio State!”


In preparation for the game between U of M and UMass, Sarah and I bought a U of M coffee mug, a beanie for Bowen, and some snacks for the nurses on our floor.  We’ve never really followed sports very closely, but after the medical team up here helped save our babies life, we’re rooting for the team they love! Knowing that we were looking forward to game day, one our nurses bought a Michigan outfit for Bowen.  She waited until we left for lunch and dressed him up for the very first time.  We were so surprised when we came back. It put a huge smile on our faces to see our little man in his new outfit! Looks like within the next fifty-two seconds, Michigan will win the game.  Too bad Bowen fell asleep.

Bowen in his game day outfit.

His outfit was courtesy of our nurse Nicole. Thank you!

(sorry for the blurry photo)

Trying to say “thanks” to the staff however we can.

During the game, I enjoyed some delicious french pressed coffee from my new mug.