This morning around 6:15, Sarah and I received another phone call from the hospital. We woke up in a panic because of what happened a few nights ago. Thankfully, it was just the nurse letting us know they were going to extubate him, which is great news and a huge step toward moving him out of critical condition. Still, it took almost an hour for us to settle our nerves. We couldn’t fall back asleep, so we prayed and read for a while before heading to the hospital for physician rounds. The doctors seemed happy with the amount of progress Bowen has been making in such a short amount of time, and were glad they decided to take him off the ventilator.  The only issue was that he had a huge amount of congestion in his throat and lungs and was having a hard time coughing it out. This afternoon, they put him on CPAP (Continuous positive air pressure) to help him do some of the work. This is nothing out of the norm, it’s just so hard to watch Bowen choking and struggling for air as he tries to cough the congestion out of his airways.  Sarah and I are both having a hard time holding back the big tears through this little part of our trial. Bowen’s vocal chords don’t work from intubation, so the worst part is watching him shed silent tears for the first time this morning. We feel so helpless, but we continue to pray over him and cheer on every little cough or attempt cry out.  Please pray that his congestion clears so that he doesn’t have to be put back on the ventilator.

This was so great to see!

Loving life without that tube

Trying to comfort our little guy on CPAP

Finally calmed him down a little:)

Monday Morning Update:

We are still teetering on whether or not he will go back on the ventilator.  Thanks for your continued prayers!