Today is Sarah’s birthday and I want to make this one special!  I’m going to start by dedicating this post to her, then you can help me out by leaving her some encouraging birthday comments.

On August 28th, I tweeted, “My wife is the kind of mom that makes me want to have more kids. Like if we didn’t, I’d be depriving future children of something incredible.”

I remember the swell of gratitude that filled my chest as I wrote those words about her. I feel it so often. Sarah truly is an incredible mother and an equally incredible wife and friend.

The other night I was watching her sleep.  Our bed was draped in one of her vintage-patterned quilts and she was clinging to a blanket she had made in anticipation of Bowen’s arrival. She made five of them, all matching colors, one for each of us. She even made two tiny matching sleeping bags, lovingly slipped a stuffed monkey into each one, and gave them to Emmy and Claire as gifts from Bowen after he was born.  That’s just one small example of how thoughtful and creative she is in the way that she loves.  This is what I wrote in my journal that night…

“As I watch her sleep from across the room in our home away from home, my eyes are filled with tears. From underneath her colorful quilt, she mumbled, “Can you call the hospital and see if Bowen calmed down?” And then drifted back to sleep.

This woman…loves her family, loves being barefoot, is full of laughter, isn’t worried about what everyone else thinks, is strong-willed but loves with no bounds, admits her faults, isn’t afraid to point out mine, makes me work (and want) to be a better man…”

That’s where I stopped writing that night, but I want to add a few things to the list. Sarah is engaging, gets along with everyone, knows how to encourage, asks all the tough questions, doesn’t compromise, cares about people, pays attention to what matters, ignores the things that don’t, stands up for her beliefs, lives by her convictions, loves Jesus…she is committed, honest, captivating, and lovely beyond any of these words. She’s a woman of true beauty, inside and out.

Sarah, I thank God for you everyday. You’re so much better than what I wished for…and it’s not even my birthday.