I want to thank everyone who left comments on our last post and helped make Sarah’s birthday special! She read through all of them and was so appreciative of each one of you that took time to encourage her. We also had some family and friends, including my band mates Mark and Chris who I’ve missed, come up for a surprise birthday party. I loved seeing Sarah smile all day.

Bowen’s doing great today, but they’re still keeping an eye on a few things. His right lung has a few small areas that are collapsed and they’re trying to re-inflate them with airflow. They’re also still weaning him off of oxygen, but he’s really close to being moved to moderate care. You never know what’s going to happen at any moment, for better or worse, but we’re very optimistic about his progress. I want to share some pictures from yesterday, but first I want to share some words about disappointment…

Last December Sarah and I attended FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage conference. We consider it a milestone for growth in our relationship and would highly recommend it to any married couple no matter how healthy, or unhealthy, their relationship is. I want to share some wisdom we gained from one of the speakers that weekend, but first I want to thank FamilyLife Today for having me as a featured guest on their radio program. We recorded the program a few weeks ago, but it aired for the first time yesterday.  It was an honor to spend time in the studio with two men I greatly admire, Dennis Rainey and Bob LePine. I’m grateful they gave me the opportunity to share the story behind the song “Lead Me.”

About the conference, I want to relay an illustration that really stuck with us and has helped us see clearly through some emotional moments in our marriage. One night in the middle of a seminar, the speaker looked at us with eyes that drew our attention and paused. He lifted his hand up over his head as though he was placing it on something tall and said, “These are your expectations.” He then lowered his hand below his waist and said, “This is reality…and everything in between is disappointment.”

This illustration has not only helped Sarah and I with unrealistic expectations of one another that used to cause conflict in our marriage, but is helping us day to day as we patiently wait and pray at Bowen’s bedside. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having faith, hoping for the best, or being optimistic, but we have to be careful not to live in constant disappointment with the reality in which God has placed us while we pray for great things to unfold. And great things ARE unfolding for every believer, whether we see it now or later.

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”– Revelation 21:5

For the sake of getting back to Bowen’s bedside, I won’t start writing about the promise of a new heaven and new earth. However, I will repeat what I tweeted a couple of days ago. “CHD, Surgery, life support, intubation, CPAP…these terms will be useless when God makes all things new.”

One last thing. You might notice that I don’t use many exclamation marks when it comes to Bowen’s day-to-day progress. This morning is a prime example of why we’re cautiously optimistic about what the doctors tell us. This morning they told us Bowen was going to be moved from intensive to moderate care. I tweeted it with an exclamation! Well, they just told us it’s going to be at least another day. So I don’t have much faith in the momentary medical updates, even though they can be encouraging. With all that happens in this hospital, I’m continually reminded of what I said in a previous post; that God (and all that He is) is the only sure thing. He will not disappoint you.


One of the best feelings in life

The best part of Sarah’s birthday

We had some friends buy us a baby for our sock monkey