Well, we had a minor setback today with Bowen’s progress. It looks like they’ll have to keep us in intensive care for a little while longer. We noticed two nights ago that he was acting much more irritable than usual and didn’t look as healthy to us. Today, the nurses noticed that his incision looks like it’s getting infected so they started him on antibiotics. The good news is that they caught it very early and most likely prevented anything major. Please pray that his chest would heal without any more problems.

Things like this makes us feel even more homesick than we’ve already been, and I can’t tell you how much we miss spending quality time with Emmy and Claire.  This morning we received a call that really lifted our spirits. The call was from my mom. She watched the kids last night and told us that, while the girls were taking a bath, Emmy said something like, “Grandma, if I tell you what to say, will you write mommy and daddy a letter for me?”

My mom went on to share with us Emmy’s letter, that she had written down word for word.  Here’s what it said…

Dear Mommy & Daddy,

Thank you for I come to the doctor with you.  Thank you for the beautiful day and playing with me at the top of the roof park.  We had two play dates when we spent the night at the hospital for a sleepover.  Could we eat dinner at the Ronald McDonald house when we go there?  Thank you for the day you got baby Bowen and I love to pet his head and I love him.

Daddy, I love you, and Mommy, I love you!


Emmy and Claire