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Blog Archive October 2010


It’s been a while since our last update because it’s been a busy week. I only had three days as opposed to four at home this time around. We also …

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How To Pray

Yesterday was a pretty good day for Bowen. He had some more blood sugar problems but his nurses kept it under control. He was really happy, smiled a lot and …

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I’ve been out of town for two days, so I asked Sarah to send another update for you. Here’s a picture she sent me this morning and what she wrote …

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I’ve posted some updates about Bowen on my Twitter account over the past couple of days, so you may already know that we’ve been dealing with a new issue. Within …

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10.19.10 (From Sarah)

Hello everyone. I haven’t written since Bowen’s birth, but I have so many things to write about and plan on posting some of my thoughts over the next couple of …

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It’s a little difficult to be out on the road this weekend because Bowen is still in the hospital. The doctors are still trying to figure out why his blood …

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