I spoke with Sarah this morning and she said that Bowen is doing really well. They’re still not completely sure why his blood sugar keeps dropping, but they suspect that he has Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia of Infancy. How’s that for a mouthful of medical terminology? Hopefully we’ll get some solid answers soon, but in the meantime they have him on a medication that will hopefully correct it. As far as his infection, we’ll have to wait ’til the antibiotics run their course to find whether or not it’s cleared up. We’re just continuing to pray and hope that he’ll make a full recovery soon.


“From Plato to Hegel and beyond, some of the greatest philosophers have declared that what you think about death, and life beyond it, is the key to thinking seriously about everything else- and, indeed, that it provides one of the main reasons for thinking seriously about anything at all.”
N.T. Wright

I met a woman last night at our concert in Poplar Bluff, Missouri who also had a son with a hypoplastic left heart. A few years ago, after fighting to recover from his third surgery, he passed away. Her face and voice were full of joy as she told me how blessed she was to spend three years with her little boy. Because of her faith, she was at peace with their loss.

Sarah and I know that Bowen, or any one of us, could leave this earth at any time. We also know that the greatest questions are not when or how we go, but whether we have hope in life after death.

“All flesh is like grass
and all its glory like the flower of grass.
The grass withers,
and the flower falls,
but the word of the Lord remains forever.” (1 Peter 1:24)

Think about it. The word of Lord remains forever. They are not words that should mindlessly drift in and out of our thoughts like so many other things. We should think long and hard about what they say. If the Bible really contains the words of God written to man, then we how can we have any hope if we don’t know what he says? Through the words of the Bible, I have found truth, peace, satisfaction in this life, and hope in the life to come. Some may think I’m a fool, but I believe every word.

So do Jill and Shane Haskins, who lost their sweet boy Joshua last week. Thier faith in God and their trust in his words are the reason she can write the following thoughts in her latest blog, posted yesterday, titled “Goodness”

“As I am working through the emotions and feelings of these past few days, I have been trying to think of the right words to express my feelings. Broken, lost, devestated, humbled, honored. Those words don’t seem to even touch the depths of my emotions.

My son is gone. Shane and I are living a parent’s worst nightmare. My son is GONE.

However, in the midst of my sorrow and pain, today’s celebration of life was absolutely beautiful and brought Peace that passes all understanding. It still hurts deeply, but there is Peace.

My son is gone, but I want YOU to know, that God is still good. My love for Him is deeper and stronger than it ever has been before. Joshua’s life was a blessing. Joshua’s life was short, but it was perfect- just as God planned it to be. Joshua’s purpose was fullfilled and he was called Home. I trust in God’s plan, and that He knows what He is doing, even if I can’t even begin to make sense of it.

There were over 350 people that attended Joshua’s viewing. There were approximately 150 people at the funeral today. He was is LOVED.

My son is gone. I am forever changed, but my God remains the same: Good”

You can read more of their story at http://fierceandfiesty.blogspot.com

I want to leave you with a video that I saw a few months ago. It’s about where we put our hope, how we deal with loss, and what the Christian life should really look like. I wept the first time I watched it, and I still can’t watch it with dry eyes. It ends with my favorite quote by John Piper. I hope this makes you think long and hard about where your hope is.

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