It’s been a good day. Bowen is doing well, our little friend Paislyn made it home, and I discovered the soundtrack to the rest of my October. A new album joins the list of simple, perhaps unlikely, things that make me feel closer to God. These things include french pressed coffee, dark chocolate, bicycle rides, and now the album “Flags” by Brooke Fraser. They are little glimpses of God’s glory on this earth. They have a way of keeping me grateful, even for the bitter moments of life. Without those hard days, I wouldn’t feel the impact of such simple pleasures.

The best thing about these simple pleasures, is that that they keep me on the path of gratitude by emotionally drawing me into moments of deeper reflection on life’s great blessings. Today, while I was listening to the song “Who Are We Fooling”, I experienced a flood of thoughts and emotions. As I listened and read the words, I could feel my devotion to Sarah begin to burn like a fire in my chest. By the end of the song my heart was overwhelmed with thankfulness for her, our three beautiful children, and for my faith in a loving God that has gifted us with wonderful marriage, family and friends. I mentioned in my last post that no words that can carry the weight of parents losing a child. Similarly, though on the other end of the spectrum, there are no words that can contain the most beautiful moments in life. I can’t completely describe it, but it’s one of those days. I am incredibly thankful.

Here are some highlights from this week…


Then sad that Paislyn was leaving!

Emmy doing “medical play”, and learning about how all that stuff makes Bowen better.

Claire, placing a bandage.

Jennifer came by to visit while Bridget tought Sarah how to give Bowen his meds. One more step toward home

All three of our babies together!

“This beautiful tangle that’s bruising us blue
It’s a beautiful knot that we just can’t undo
Together we’re one but apart tell me
Who are we fooling?”

Brooke Fraser