Hello everyone. I haven’t written since Bowen’s birth, but I have so many things to write about and plan on posting some of my thoughts over the next couple of months. Matt has done such a wonderful job of expressing our thoughts and emotions throughout this journey. Thank you for reading what he has been posting here, and for walking with us through this trying time in our lives.

If you didn’t know, today (Oct. 19th), was Matt’s birthday. I’m so proud of him, and lately, I have especially appreciated his gift of writing. He’s been so kind in his words about me on this blog, and he’s really as wonderful to me as he seems. I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating eleven birthdays with Matthew. He’s thirty-one now, and I think my sweet man gets better, and better looking, every year! He’s been such a great partner to me, and over the past six weeks, our relationship has matured to another level. For his birthday this year, I won’t even attempt to write a something as eloquent as he wrote for me on my birthday. I will simply say that he’s the real deal…as great in real life as he his on paper. “Happy birthday my sweet man!”

And as for you, our friends…you’ve been so incredibly kind with all your thoughts and prayers for us. The overwhelming support you have shown us is humbling and has helped us through some very difficult times. Also, a few weeks ago all of your birthday wishes really brightened my spirits. Words can not express my gratitude. Thank you.


Bowen’s heart seems to be right on track. Although his heart will never be “fixed”, the modification to it seem to be working well. As some of you may know, Bowen will have two more scheduled surgeries. One at four to six months of age and one at eighteen to thirty-six months of age. Matt has informed you that we are now dealing with another problem. It’s called hyperinsulinism. He had a blood sugar last night of fifteen. This is crazy low and is not good for his body, especially his brain. With his heart defect alone, we were told that Bowen’s development could be delayed, but with this in the picture it increases those chances. Please pray that we get this figured out, or that God would just heal him of this. Today, I asked the endocrinologists what the long term plan is and wasn’t prepared for what she said, or for what this road could look like. Although they seem confident that they can get his blood sugar under control here, they also told us if they are unable to stabilize him here over the next few weeks, that they may have to send us to the children’s hospital in Philadelphia. This seems so overwhelming to me. I really miss my girls and feel so divided on how to cater to all three of my children’s needs. I thought we would be out of the hospital by now. My kids have been such troopers through all this. All three of them are such blessings to me. I love being their mommy! It’s a pleasure and honor to raise them and I can’t wait for us all be together in our home again.

Until next time my friends…I’ll try to write again soon:)


This huge smile was Daddy’s birthday present