I’ve posted some updates about Bowen on my Twitter account over the past couple of days, so you may already know that we’ve been dealing with a new issue. Within an hour after Sarah and I left the hospital to spend time with our girls yesterday, we received a call from Bowen’s nurse practitioner. She said that he was displaying “seizure like” activity. These small seizures persisted for several hours, and the doctors think that may have been caused by a stroke. Today, they took him in for an MRI and it will hopefully give us some answers. We should know the results by tomorrow. I’ll do my best to post an update on Twitter tomorrow so you can know how to pray for him more specifically. As for now, I’m praying they don’t find anything wrong and that he doesn’t have any more seizures… that simple. Also, pray for Sarah. I know that working through his blood sugar issue, and now this, has been especially hard on her emotionally. We’ve been in the hospital for six weeks now, which is lot to deal with. Also, another family at the hospital lost their baby this past week- so hard.

Here are some picture that Sarah sent me via text today.

Monitoring his brain waves

On the way to his MRI

A little dazed, but doing good after his MRI

Our heart friends in Texas sent us cookies – maybe these will help keep Bowen’s sugar up!:)

We feel the love. Thank you.

Anberlin, dancing at our show in Georgia. She was born with a severe CHD and has also been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Keep her in your prayers. I want to thank the entire Baker family for wearing their “praying for Bowen” shirts and for sending pictures.

Goofing off after the show

An interesting thought:

Last week, I wrote about not knowing what to say to someone who has suffered loss. I was reading Job yesterday, and I thought this verse was interesting. Before Job and his friends spoke about his loss…

“And they sat with him on the ground for seven days and seven nights, and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his suffering was very great.” Job 2:13