It’s been a while since our last update because it’s been a busy week. I only had three days as opposed to four at home this time around. We also had the girls stay with us in Ann Arbor for two nights instead of one. It was so wonderful to be together as a family, and for the girls to spend some quality time with their brother. Another highlight of our week was taking Bowen on his very first stroller ride! We walked him around the hospital floor several times to visit friends, and even had a chance to take him to see his nurses from the PCTU.

He must have loved it because he fell asleep

Cheryl, Jennifer, and Nicole with Bowen

The girls were able to spend time holding him this week. They smothered him with hugs and kisses.


Emmy wanted to wear gloves…for Bowen

We had our big “family meeting” on Wednesday with Bowen’s care team. We discussed his low blood sugar (hyperinsulinism) and what our plan is for getting home from the hospital. It went really well and we made some decisions as to how we’ll move forward. Sarah has had a mommy instinct for a couple weeks that one of Bowen’s medications was making his sugar drop. They’ve been giving him several meds at one time which was making it hard to tell which one it could be, if any. Early in the week Sarah asked the doctors if we could spread out his meds from each other and check his sugar more frequently. After seeing a trend the doctors agreed that it looked as though his blood pressure medication could be a culprit in his sugar swinging low.  They decided at the meeting to switch to an alternative blood pressure medication. They think it may already be working because his sugars aren’t dropping as drastically as before. It’ll be another week before they can tell us whether we’re on the right track, and whether we can even think about packing our bags. We hope  that his blood pressure medication was causing his low sugar the whole time, and that the alternative prescription fixes it.  If not, we will have a much longer hospital stay ahead of us. Please pray that his hyperinsulinism isn’t genetic, because that appears to be the worst case scenario.  If that we’re the case we’d have to go to Philadelphia for surgery on his pancreas. Then I’d have to start another blog called Bowen’s Pancreas. I don’t think anyone wants that.

Digging Deeper

I’ve started doing this section at the bottom of our blog more often, so I decided to name it “Digging Deeper”. That way you’ll recognize it when it shows up. It’s the part of my blog where I talk about things that don’t necessarily pertain to Bowen’s day to day health,where I share some of the thoughts I’ve been having and things I’ve been discovering about life and faith. Ever since we found out that Bowen was sick I’ve been asking a lot of life’s most difficult questions and seeking out the answers. Looking back from this point in my life, I don’t know that I was ever digging very deep in my faith. What’s interesting is that I thought I was. This struggle has awakened my heart and mind in ways that I never thought possible.

I don’t assume that every one who visits our blog shares our Christian faith, so I hope to make it clear to everyone who reads these posts just how valuable Christ is and why. The story of our Christian faith is written, but not trapped, in the pages of The Bible. Its life-altering message and mind-bending truth cannot be contained in a book and continue to burst through the lives of those who embrace it’s message. If you don’t share our beliefs and aren’t afraid of being pointed in the direction of transformational faith, then hopefully you’ll follow this section of the blog as well as the updates.

To those of you who are Christians, I hope this section of the blog will kick some spurs in the side of your faith as well as in mine. I intend to hand you a shovel and some thoughts so we can dig deeper in our faith together. So many people who gather here are suffering in different ways, and it would be a shame if we didn’t use our thoughts, feelings and questions to uncover more of the truth about God and his Word. This section will be fairly simple at times, but mostly I hope to tackle some difficult questions without any fear of the answers. Feel free to leave honest feedback and post questions or topics you’d like me to discuss.


It took me thirty-one years and some suffering for my heart and mind to be consumed with God himself, not his gifts, as my treasure. I’m finally satisfied.