Hey everyone, we hope you had a great weekend. I was on the road this weekend with the band, so I asked Sarah to email me a quick update for you all to read. Here’s what she wrote yesterday (Sunday night).

Bowen had a rough morning, but tonight he’s back to his smiley self. Earlier he was vomiting quite a bit, but I think it was from his heavy duty antibiotics. They gave him the last dose of them through his IV today, and are switching to oral antibiotics for two weeks. They want to make sure he can make the transition before they send us home,  in order to make sure we killed whatever infection was lingering in Bowen’s body.  He’s also been sweating more than usual, which could be a sign of congestive heart failure, fluctuating blood sugar, or infection. We don’t really know which of those it is, if any. Technically, he’s always in gradual heart failure until he finishes his surgeries, so they are keeping a close eye on it. They’re still talking about sending us home soon, but as usual we are cautiously optimistic. Bowen is getting his discharge echo in the morning, so pray that his heart looks great!  We will let you know how it goes.  Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.


A couple weeks ago we talked about posting some halloween pictures, but time escaped us with everything going on. This is a picture I took with my Hipstamatic  iPhone application. It’s not nearly as good as the ones Sarah took, but this one made me smile today.

I saw this hanging on the wall of a church in Memphis last night. I know the design is “for kids”, but it encouraged me too:). Kind of goes along with my last post.