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Blog Archive November 2010

Bowen’s First Day at Home

We thank God for the gift of waking up at home this morning with baby Bowen at our bedside. We’ve been praying so long for these moments. Taking care of …

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We’re Going Home!

We’re finally going home today! We want to thank you all so much for your prayers and support over the past three months. We will continue to update the site …

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Hey everyone, we hope you had a great weekend. I was on the road this weekend with the band, so I asked Sarah to email me a quick update for …

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God Will Help

Bowen had a great day yesterday, and so did Emmy and Claire. I’ve mentioned before that the majority of Sarah and I’s struggle over the past two months has been …

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Here’s the latest on Bowen. Both his blood and urine cultures came back negative so the doctors are unable to identify whether he’s fighting an infection or something else. However, …

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The Wrong Signs

Our hearts hurt for Bowen. Instead of being welcomed home by his big sisters with gifts and signs today, it looks like he’s going to be welcomed back to moderate …

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