Check out this picture that Bill Richey took while he was in New York City over Thanksgiving.  Thank you for sending this Bill, I can’t wait to show it to Bowen when he gets older.

I’m writing this on a long flight home from Phoenix.  I don’t especially care for travel days, mostly because I feel like I’m away from home for no good reason.  I guess it takes time to get where you’re going. I think the modern philosopher, Tom Petty, may have been right when he said, “The waiting is the hardest part.”  Waiting is hard, but what’s so hard about waiting?  For me, it’s finding purpose and contentment where I am at every moment, even when I have a better time and place in mind.

Sarah and I have a better time and place in mind almost everyday.  It’s when Bowen gets better.  When we can take his feeding tube out for good, when he stops throwing up all the time, when his surgeries are completed, and when he’s throwing balls and running bases like other little boys.  We pray and trust that the day Bowen gets better will come, and whether it’s in this life or the next, we believe there will be healing.  I think most of us live in anticipation, and with the hope, that something better will come.  Those of us who trust in Christ put our faith in a glorious end. We believe we’ll get there, but how we get there, how we wait in the meantime, is crucial.

I’m tempted to take my seat on this plane with a sigh, fold my arms, and grumble about how long it will take me to get home. However, my heart tells me there’s something more for me in this moment. If you’re reading this, I’m glad you’re a part of it.

“I am waiting for the Lord, my soul is waiting for Him, and my hope is in His Word.” Psalms 130:5

“Now may the God who gives comfort and strength in waiting make you of the same mind with one another in harmony with Christ Jesus…” Romans 15:5

“Love is never tired of waiting.” 1 Corinthians 13:4  (I love that translation of this verse. It’s from the Bible in Basic English)