Bowen has been doing pretty well over the past few days, but there is still a good measure of puking drama at our house. The events of each day are faithful to lead us into places where it feels like we’re drowning in the demands of keeping up with all that’s required of us; but God made the day, and he is faithful to lead us through those deep waters to the shores of grace, where we can laugh about being covered in puke.

I’d like to write more extensively about the things God is teaching us over the past few days, but my priority this week is to focus as much attention as possible on Sarah and the kids. Next week I’m traveling to Nashville to record the album that has been inspired by our journey with Bowen. Since the ABC World News story aired, we’ve had more and more people asking us when the song “All of Me” will be available. I should have a better idea about the release schedule after the album is recorded.

We wanted to share a cute video of Bowen with you. The other night I was recording him on my Flip camera while he was taking a bath. I asked him about the face he was making and it looked like he shrugged at me as if to say, “How should I know?” It may very well be one of those things that is only funny to us, but we figured we’d share it in hopes that somebody else might get a laugh out of it as well.

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“This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Β Psalm 118:24