I mentioned Sunday morning on Facebook and Twitter that Bowen had the flu. I want to thank everyone who sent us messages saying they were praying for him. He’s still not quite acting like himself, but we were able to take him up to U of M for check ups with his cardiologist, endocrinologist, and neurologist. Think he has enough “ologists?” At 12lb and 23 inches long, they all agreed that he’s making good progress. He’s only in the ninth percentile for his weight, which seemed low to us, but they aren’t at all concerned. Each doctor agreed that his overall health seems to be improving. We’re so thankful for good news today, and that we get to have Bowen healthy, and home, this Christmas.

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, you may be familiar with Annabelle Phillips. Her mother, Krista, often leaves comments. Annabelle has been in the hospital since last July 20th, when she was born with HLHS and other complications. I had the privilege of visiting with the Phillips family at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville last Thursday night. While fighting back tears, Krista expressed her desire to take Annabelle home for Christmas, something that seemed very unlikely. A couple days after I saw them, the doctors said that if Annabelle’s sats (oxygen saturation levels) remained consistent, she would get to go home for Christmas! I’m praying for no “desats” this week, so that Anabelle can be home on Christmas morning. Would you join me? For more details visit Krista’s blog.