Bowen and his trusty sidekick. Courtesy of Schooler Photography.

A lot has happened since I posted on Monday night, and the past twenty-four hours have been particularly eventful. It all started with me getting the flu and has ended up with Bowen, potentially, taking a huge step forward.

Whatever this virus may be, the one that’s spreading holiday cheer around the Hammitt house, hit me hard yesterday afternoon. I’m pretty certain you’ve all had those shakes and shivers that end up driving you to a bucket or to the bathroom. Worse than the details of me being sick, which I’m sure you’re thankful that I’m sparing you, was that I couldn’t give my all in helping Sarah with the kids. I also was sad to know what Bowen and Claire had been going through. Emmy still hasn’t caught it and I’m praying it stays that way.

In the end, as crazy as it sounds, this flu bug may have turned out to be a blessing. When we visited Bowen’s endocrinologist on Monday, he said we could start taking his NG tube out and bottle feeding him during the day. Yesterday was the first time we tried taking it out for a full day, and he did great. Around 11pm we decided to put it back in, but every time he saw us coming toward him with the tube we just couldn’t settle him down. Whenever we came close, his throat would shove it back out as he started to cry. It was 1am before we knew it, and Sarah and I were completely exhausted. We eventually made the decision to keep his NG tube out and to set an alarm for feeding times and for checking his blood sugar. It was a long night with little sleep, and Bowen threw up a ton of food. However, we woke up this morning with the realization that he had gone a full day without his tube and maintained healthy blood sugar levels! If we wouldn’t have been so exhausted and Bowen wouldn’t have been sick and cranky, we never would’ve seen what he was capable of. We’re going to consult with our nurses and doctors about trying to keep it out for good. That would be such a wonderful Christmas blessing.

Bowen sleeping on the couch while I’m writing