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Blog Archive December 2010

The Past and Our Future

The last day has been fairly difficult for Bowen. He spent most of the night and into the morning throwing up, and Sarah barely slept. It pulls at my heart …

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Day One

Share a Night

Sarah and I used to think that the Ronald McDonald House was a place where sick children stayed. I’ve asked a lot of other people what they believe the homes …

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Update and Video

Bowen has been doing pretty well over the past few days, but there is still a good measure of puking drama at our house. The events of each day are …

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The Hardest Part

Check out this picture that Bill Richey took while he was in New York City over Thanksgiving. ¬†Thank you for sending this Bill, I can’t wait to show it to …

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When Tension Turns to Laughter

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is that there’s too much, instead of too little, to write about. ¬†The last few days have been eventful, and the cause of the …

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