Bowen’s doctors appointments went great this week. Over the past month he has gained 1lb 10 oz and is getting stronger everyday. This is the kind of progress we have been praying for! We had the chance to visit with a friend yesterday, who was one of Bowen’s nurses at U of M.  She hadn’t seen him in over a month, and was very surprised at how chubby and healthy he looks. Life with our HLHS baby still has it’s challenges and we could use a little more sleep, but we’re soaking in these weeks that Bowen seems to be taking big steps in the right direction. For several months it felt like we just couldn’t get a break,  and there were a lot of moments that we feared we’d have to take him back to the hospital. Now we feel like we can breathe, and in the face of an upcoming surgery, it gives us more hope that everything will be ok.

Digging Deeper

I’ve been struggling with impatience over the past few days, and it’s not very becoming of me. It comes out in sighs and grumbles as I carry out monotonous daily tasks such as doing laundry,  washing dishes, wiping snot and baby bottoms, brushing little teeth, and even amidst things I usually love, like tickling Emmy and Claire to sleep at bedtime. I could come up with a hundred reasonable excuses for why I’ve been whispering complaints under my breath, but it’s just not right.  One of the many things that I love about Sarah is that she rarely complains. I especially appreciate the way she cares for the tedious needs of our children; not as though it’s her duty, but as though it’s her pleasure. I’m grateful for her example.

My verse for this coming week is simple and short, and it’s found in Philippians 2:14. “Do all things without grumbling or questioning (or in some translations, it’s ‘without complaining or disputing’).”  This verse contains that little word “all” that I just can’t ignore, and I believe that it’s meant quite literally. So my prayer is that over the coming days there will be much laughter in my home, that I’ll overcome the temptation to grumble, and that I’ll simply be fun to live with. I know that God will help.