It’s amazing.” Those were some of the first words I heard Sarah speak yesterday morning after waking up. Her countenance was peaceful, and she began to break a smile as she came to a great realization. “He’s been wearing the same outfit for two days,” she said. I immediately stopped what I was doing, because I also realized that Bowen hadn’t thrown up in two days! I think we were both close to jumping up and down…such a great moment.

To be honest, the past week has felt surreal because a heavy burden feels lifted from us. I thank God for the good things that have been happening lately. I’ve really had a sense of awe over watching our dreams, that I believe God placed in our hearts, materialize. I was in Nashville last Friday to finish up my new project, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. While I was there I also received a list of incredibly positive reports about things happening with Sanctus Real. I also met with the lawyer for our foundation in order finish up some budgets and paperwork. It looks as though we’re going to be operational by spring. I’ve never been so grateful as I am in these days, and I pray intently that Bowen’s life and story will continue to impact lives and bring glory to God.

March 2nd is the new date for Bowen’s next surgery. We’re reminded that it’s coming up because we can see that he’s a little more blue. He has a cardiology appointment in a couple of weeks and we’re hoping that he won’t need his surgery sooner. I know, for me at least, that it’s easy to forget to pray for things when they are out of sight. Please join me in saying a prayer today for Bowen’s next surgery.

One last thing- If any of you live near Phoenix, Arizona, I’ll be speaking at all three morning services at The Grove church in Chandler. I’d love to see you there.

I sincerely thank God for all of you.