Eating cereal for the first time!

We had written a post over the weekend that we were going to publish yesterday, but we didn’t because we were a little concerned about Bowen. He’s been fighting some sort of cold since last week, and over the past 36 hours hasn’t eaten much of anything and has been throwing up. Our pediatrician said that if he doesn’t start eating, we should consider admitting him to the hospital. Thankfully, he has eaten a little in the last few hours and we’re persistently trying to feed him more. Please pray that he continues to eat.

It’s hard to believe that Bowen’s surgery is two weeks from tomorrow. However, in preparation, he’ll be admitted on Monday the 28th for glucose evaluation. On the 1st, he ‘ll have a chest x-ray along with a heart ECHO, and then his surgery take place early on the morning of Wednesday the 2nd.

As you can imagine, there are moments that we feel anxiety, but we have a peace that everything will go well. If, Lord willing, all does goes well, our hospital stay will be roughly ten days; much easier than our ten week stay last fall.

We are grateful for your continued prayers. Here are a few pictures that we took since our last post.

Picnic with Claire