No offense to our doctors, but when they told us last week that we might be going home on Monday we didn’t really believe them. It’s not that we didn’t have faith that Bowen could get out of the hospital sooner than expected, it’s just that…well you remember last fall. You can imagine that it came as a surprise to us yesterday morning when they told us to pack our bags! We were smiling ear to ear and thanking God. Our day was a whirlwind. I cleaned and packed up our room at the Ronald McDonald House while Sarah took care of the details at the hospital, and by mid-afternoon we were heading south toward Toledo on highway 23. Getting discharged five days post -operation is no small thing. We thank God for the healing he brought to Bowen through the hands of his doctors, but we also know that all of your prayers we’re a vital part of his recovery. Thank you for talking to God about our boy, we are sincerely grateful.

We met a lot of wonderful people in the hospital over the past week, and there are several that we hope to remain in touch with. Β The last patient we met before we left for home was a twenty year-old named JP. He was born with multiple heart defects, including Tetrology of Fallot, and has endured several major heart surgeries. God has placed many young men like JP in our path, and it helps build our faith that, as we move forward, Bowen will be just fine.