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Hey everyone, it’s Sarah. I know it’s been a while, so I wanted to give you an update. Bowen has been doing really great over the past few days, and I’d say he’s almost back to normal. He caught some sort of bug about a week ago, but he’s weathered it well. He’s a bit more fussy in general than before his surgery, but I have to remind myself that it was only three weeks ago and his little body is still working a some things out. His overall his heart function is good, but we’re keeping an eye on his blood pressure because it tends to be a little high. Also, his SATS are a little low, making him a bit more blue than before. As far as his sugars, they haven’t been dramatically low since we took him off of an ACE inhibitor drug called Captopril back in the fall. The doctors say there is no correlation, but we think it’s interesting that we haven’t had any major issues with his sugars since then.

Bowen is just so sweet. I love getting to know this new person. He’s started giving kisses which is pretty much him just opening his mouth, being very still, and drooling all over my face. He’s pretty serious about it and quite proud of his kisses. I love it and return the favor. I probably kiss his sweet cheeks over a hundred times a day… seriously!

Bowen is very active throughout the day. He sits in his basket and plays with toys, lays under his “jungle gym” on the floor, watches the girls play, and gets rides from his mommy in the Baby Bjorn; we even got out the walker today. Most of all, Bowen loves his Johnny Jump Up, and he spends a lot of the day jumping in it while I cheer him on saying, “jumpy, jumpy, jump,” in a silly voice. He loves it.

I can’t believe that Bowen will be seven months on April 9th! I constantly am thanking God that he is with us. It’s amazing how well he’s doing for all he has been through. I desire and pray that I’ll get to spend a lifetime getting to know this little man. The Lord hears my cries. Most days I stay positive, but the other day I asked a friend of mine, who is a cardiac ICU nurse at MOTT, what the worst heart defect a child can have is. She told me, “HLHS.” I knew it was bad, but I didn’t think it was the worst. That’s when I have to place it all, again, in Gods hands. We don’t know how Bowen’s life story will play out, so we just take each day as it comes and do our best to be thankful.

Digging Deeper

“Many of us have gone through a period of deep struggle with the doctrine of God’s sovereignty. If we take our doctrines into our hearts where they belong, they can cause upheavals of emotion and sleepless nights. This is far better than toying with academic ideas that never touch real life. The possibility at least exists that out of the upheavals will come a new era of calm and confidence.”
– John Piper

Last week I began re-reading a book with the intentions of finishing it the second time around. I gave my last copy away before making it to the end. I remember the first time I opened it’s pages at MOTT Children’s Hospital last fall. So many things that I had felt were laid out in clear words before me. I also found the answers to so many questions that I had longed to resolve within my heart. I’m not aware of any words, apart from scripture, that so beautifully articulate the things that I’ve felt and learned over the past year of my life, as well as the things that I’ve longed to communicate through the Digging Deeper section of this blog. No one has helped me struggle through the questions, especially related to suffering, more than John Piper in his book Desiring God.

Last week, I decided that I would invite you to read through it with me. I couldn’t have been happier to see this blog post and video when I visited a couple days later. Click here to view what I was so delighted to see.

Please join me in accepting John Piper’s invitation to read through Desiring God in the month of April. It may cause in you “upheavals of emotion and sleepless nights”, but “the possibility at least exists that out of the upheavals will come a new era of calm and confidence.”