We hope you all had a great Easter weekend! It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve written, and because of the nature of our blog, we always hope you know that no news is good news. The last couple weeks have been spectacular. Bowen is doing great, we’ve been working on some home projects, and Sarah and I had a chance to get away for the Dove Awards in Atlanta.

Up until our trip to The Doves this past week, Sarah had never left Bowen for more than a few hours. At first I thought she would be nervous, but I think she’s been ready to “get out” for quite some time :). We (Sanctus Real) didn’t bring any awards home, but we all had a great time. Sarah especially enjoyed her well deserved break from the kids at the beautiful Georgian Terrace Hotel in the heart of the city. However, as much as she needed the relaxation, she was ready to get back home after a short two days. So was I, as it keeps getting harder to be away. I’m so thankful for my family. I’m a blessed man.

It’s so good to be alive…and not merely alive, but alive with hope. There’s a beautiful church across the street from our house where, last Monday, they placed a cross in the front lawn. They draped it with a red cloth as a reminder that Good Friday was approaching. This morning I looked out the window and saw a bright white cloth hanging in it’s place. It was a simple, yet powerful symbol that Christ is risen. Cars lined the streets of our neighborhood while masses of people traveled the sidewalks, rushing to get a seat in church, most of them barely a glancing at the image on the church lawn. As I gazed across the street through my living room window, a cross draped in white wasn’t the only symbol I could see. I saw the symbol of my life before we found out Bowen was sick; traveling in and out of churches, yet rarely taking the time to stop, gaze and wonder at the beauty of the cross.

Today, through an old warbly window pane, I really soaked it in. The most beautiful thing about it? Because it is empty, I am not.