Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mom’s out there!

I’m more of a songwriter than a poet, but I thought I’d take a stab at writing a poem for Sarah this Mother’s Day. I thought some of you might enjoy it as well.


Our children were born

Into safety and warmth

Placed in the cradle

Of your loving arms


Hungry mouths fed

Storybooks read

Clothes pulled and placed

over little arms and legs


Diapers are changed

Bottoms are bathed

When Daddy is helping

They still call your name


All through the night

We answer their cries

But only your voice

Seems to make it alright


As morning light breaks

They run to kiss your face

When you feel worn out

We see beauty and strength


Months turn to years

And soon there’ll be tears

‘Cause our children won’t need you

To always be there


And when they leave home

We will grow old

‘Til, like children ourselves

Still in love, we will go

Happy Mother’s Day weekend Sarah!

Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for you,

Matthew, Emmy, Claire, and Bowen