Maybe it’s time for his first trip to Johnny Rocket’s

We can hardly believe that Bowen is nine months old. It feels like he’s been with us so much longer. After all these months, we feel extremely blessed to still have so many people praying for our family and asking how Bowen is doing. We also feel fortunate to be able to give a simple answer. He’s doing great!

Bowen is adorable, happy and cuddly; pretty much the closest you could get to a perfect baby in our opinion. My reason for writing “pretty much” in there, is because of that bittersweet time shared by so many parents raising small children…bedtime. Bedtime with Bowen is always sweet at first, but after an hour or so it begins to feel like the final moments of the fourth quarter of a basketball game. We feel out of steam, stuck in double overtime, like we’d give anything for that day’s game to be over. I have to say though, that when we see that huge smile of Bowen’s in the morning we’re more than ready to do it all again.

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Digging Deeper

At the root of every other question in life is that longing in the human soul that asks, “Who am I?” I took the girls to see Kung Fu Panda 2 the other day, and the entire plot was based around the main character Po seeking the answer to that very question. The following night, while watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, the trainer was trying to get to the bottom of his trainee’s weight loss issue by asking him, “Who are you?” This question is driven by our desire to understand the reason for our existence so that we can feel as though we’re fulfilling it.

I recently heard Matt Chandler, the pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, say something about who and what we are that I just can’t stop thinking about. What he said was something I already knew and believed, but the way he phrased it caused an old truth to settle deeper into my heart and soul. He only said a few simple words, but given some serious thought and taken to heart, I believe they have the power to change the way you live and the way you think about everything. Before I share what he said with you, think about the greatest mistakes you’ve ever made, the worst pain you’ve felt and the pain you’ve caused others. Think about your blemishes, your birthmarks, and the parts of your personal profile that you believe to be most undesirable. Within that context it’s a powerful thought that “you are God’s idea,” and He knew full well what would go right and seemingly wrong in your lifetime.

If you believe those words and understand what it’s like to have a creative idea, then think about it for a while.  It might give you a deeper sense of the care by which you were placed into this world.