I’ve been working on a variety of projects between SR concerts this week, and have had very little sleep. I need to be up at 4:00 am to catch another flight, but I just couldn’t rest without posting a couple of things that are on my heart and mind.

Our little friend Annabelle Phillips, who I’ve had the chance to visit with on several occasions, was life flighted back to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital today. We care deeply for her and her family so we wanted to ask you to read her latest update and keep them in your prayers. Click on the top photo to read the latest on Annabelle.

I debated whether or not I should post this photo of Annabelle from Krista’s blog, but I think it’s important to convey the reality of the what “heart” families go through to those who may not know first hand.

Seeing the struggles that families like the Phillips are facing puts a fire in my chest to run even harder toward the goal of supporting families with children suffering from congenital heart defects. I want to encourage you to sprint with us to the finish line in the final week of our campaign to win Whole Hearts a $50k grant! Some exciting things are evolving with Whole Hearts and this grant will help us get our efforts off the ground faster than we anticipated. We are currently #26 and we have ONE week to advance 16 spots into the top 10. Here are a few a reminders of how we can do it…

Vote everyday online, through text and with “Power Votes” found on Pepsi products.

Send daily reminders through Facebook, Twitter, text & email encouraging other people to vote as well. Supply them with ample information about how to vote. Ask them to spread the word too!

A major key to winning the grant will be encouraging people to use “Power Vote” codes found on Pepsi products. They’ll get us hundreds of extra votes!

Here’s the proper information:

To vote: www.refresheverything.com/wholehearts

Shortlink: http://pep.si/jfPgYv

To vote via text: 107706 to 73774