A friend of mine from Toledo, who now works with a Christian radio station in Destin, Florida, contacted me a few months ago and invited me to be part of “Operation Inspiration.” She explained how the oil spill in the gulf had devastated the Emerald Coast. Even though the white sands of Destin were untouched by oil, their economy wasn’t so fortunate. In order to uplift and inspire the local community, she had been planning a series of Christian concerts in partnership with a local development called the Harbor Walk. In exchange for an acoustic concert, we were offered a five night stay in one of the five-star condominiums at the Emerald Grande, located in the Harbor Walk Village.

It just so happened that I was in need of finding a place for Sarah and I to get away and celebrate our ten year anniversary. It was a hard decision for Sarah to leave Bowen for five nights because she hadn’t left him for more than a night since he was born. After five full nights of sleep, afternoons on the beach, jet skiing, snorkeling, playing with hermit crabs, a sunset dolphin cruise, uninterrupted HGTV, and all the fresh seafood she could eat, Sarah’s pretty glad we decided to come.

We’ve had an incredible time, but Sarah and I are nearing the end of our trip to Destin. We’re going to miss the sun and white sands, but we’re ready to get back home to our kids. Bowen and the girls have been at home with our parents and Sarah’s best friend, Courtney. We are so thankful for our family and friends, new and old, who made time of rest possible.

A little over a week ago Bowen attended his first Sanctus Real concert in Bowling Green, Ohio, only fifteen minutes from our home. It was a fun evening for us, but also very emotional since it was the first time Bowen saw his daddy sing on stage. Our friend, Lisa, produced another great news piece about Bowen’s first concert.

The highlight of the evening for  me was having the opportunity to sing All of Me for the first time in concert with Bowen there. I found the following video of it on YouTube.

YouTube Preview Image