Hey everyone, it’s Sarah. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. As you know from Matt’s last post, this has been a huge week of reflection for us. On September 14th of last year, I was sitting by Bowen’s bedside with my head was spinning from the events that had unfolded earlier that morning. The following is what we posted on our blog that day.

It’s 5:57 am and I’m too exhausted to share what happened overnight in detail. My dad wrote an email to some friends that I asked him to copy me on so I could pass it on.

‘Matthew woke us with the call that they didn’t think Bowen was going to make it. Gail and I rushed to Ann Arbor to find Bowen on full life support. Matthew and Sarah had accepted that he was gone as they watched the nurse pump his little heart with his chest open for nearly a half hour until the surgeon arrived. Matthew watched as the doctor performed surgery in Bowen’s chest. He will remain on life support until his body can recover. Would appreciate prayers.’”

I remember specifically thinking about what my life would look like a year from that day. I asked so many questions. “Will our little man be with us? Will he make it off of life support? Will we celebrate his first birthday? Will I ever get to take a deep breath again? Will I get to see our baby grow into a handsome little boy?”

Not knowing was so heart wrenching. I remember that day in such detail because I’ve recalled it so many times in my mind. It lives with me and I’m still processing all we went through that night, as well as over the past year. Now here I am, a year from the day my Mr. Bowen had his cardiac arrest, at my dining room table. Bowen is laughing, blowing me kisses, saying “mama” and “dada”, and scooting all around the floor. I am so thankful that it was part of God’s plan to leave Bowen here on earth with us longer. I want to jump for joy, write it in the sky, and shout it at the top of my lungs, “I am so thankful!”