It feels so good to write again to you, our Bowen’s Heart family. Even though we haven’t had as much to report, so many of you have remained faithful in praying for our family and posting encouraging messages. Thank you!

As you can see by the sign Bowen is holding up, we’re excited to announce to those of you who may not have heard, that Bowen will be a big brother! Hammitt baby number four is on the way! We’re expecting in early November.

Matt and I had been going back and forth on whether to have another baby. We were definitely leaning toward being done with three, but something in our hearts just didn’t feel our family was complete yet. We had considered so many things before having another. I mean, could we handle it with Matt being gone so often? I love being a stay at home mom, but I’m not great at some of my organizational responsibilities that come with the job. Also, even though the chances are low, the thought that we could have another special needs child was definitely on our minds. Emmy and Claire went through so much while Bowen was in the hospital that the thought of them having to go through it again was hard for us. I’m sure those are all natural fears and concerns, but we serve a supernatural God who has big plans for our growing family, and we trust Him.

I love our little man so much, I feel like I’m going to burst some days! I just know that he will make such an incredible big brother.Β Seeing how much Emmy and Claire adore him makes it even more exciting to have another baby on the way. We can’t wait for Bowen to have the same opportunity to love a baby brother or sister like that.

As for an update on Bowen’s progress, he looks and seems to be doing better than ever! He’s up to 22 lbs, and is growing better than ever. Now that spring weather is here, he loves playing “ide” (outside). He just waddles up and down the sidewalk singing and laughing at his sisters.

People often comment on how well behaved Bowen is, and they ask if he is always that way. He really is such a good boy…well, most of the time. Also, despite some of the odds, he is so stinking smart. The other day I handed him his dirty diaper and said, “Go put it in the trash.” So he took it out of the room and then a few minutes later he came back empty handed. I thought that surely he must have dropped it or put it somewhere random. As I followed his trail to the kitchen it was nowhere to be found. Then I opened the lid, looked into the trash can, and there was the diaper. I was shocked because I didn’t even think he knew what the trash can was, let alone able to process my request! Ah, it’s moments like those when I think about all he has been through, about his cardiac arrest and so many other complications. He had plenty of opportunities end up with developmental delays, but is doing so great. We are still so thankful that God blessed us with with such a great team at MOTT Children’s Hospital who cared for our little man so well, helping him get to where he is today. God is good.


Making a mess

In his room, brushing his teeth like a big boy!

Barbie, Surfer Girl and Bowen having a dance party.

In November, this circle will be complete. Just one more to share the iPad with. πŸ™‚