The other day Sarah’s sister, Hannah, sent me something she wrote on Valentine’s Day.  Just like many of you, she’s itching to see an update on Bowen’s Heart.  He’s been doing so well that I’m often unsure of what to write, but we value your continued prayers and I’m grateful for Hannah writing an update!

Hello friends…Aunt Hannah here!

I have the special opportunity to write about my wonderful nephew on this wonderful day of love.

Let me tell you Bowen lives an exciting life. Just living in the Hammitt household is an adventure itself.  He recently became an older brother, which makes him one of four little ones in the house. Bowen loves his little brother and is so adorable with him. On my visit home last weekend Bowen stopped his game of Just Dance to go kiss his brother.

Bowen has gone to more concerts than any other 2 year old I know! Over the summer we went to the Stroh Center in Bowling Green, OH, and just recently we went to Sanctus Real’s album release show for “Run.” Bowen sat front row for both of these and sang his heart out to all the songs. My favorite moment was at the CD release, when he sang “All of Me” along with his daddy. I could barely see through the tears in my eyes! Matt and the band did such a great job, they really impress me more each time I see them. It’s wonderful how they spread the Gospel wherever they go.

Not only does Bowen go to concerts, but he likes to put a show on every time someone comes over, or anytime he is in the presence of something that could be used as a guitar. When he hears any type of music you can almost see his ears perk up and he starts singing and playing along. The other day we were out to eat and he used a fork as a guitar, he has used Grammy Pammy’s tuperware strainer as a guitar, and he has attempted to use a real guitars two times the size of him. It was hilarious watching him try to pick up Uncle Chris’ guitar.

YouTube Preview Image

Kisses From Uncle Chris and Aunt Hannah

With Our Friend Therese in Bowling Green

Some of Bowen’s recent hobbies are:

*playing with his Kindle Fire. He calls it “my ah-pod,” and wants you to watch every game he plays on it.

*Doing puzzles. This amazes me, I left the room and came back and Bowen was finished with a puzzle. His daddy got him a 24 piece one for Valentine’s day and he did it on his own. I’m pretty sure this makes him a clever 2 year old.

*Playing with his beautiful sisters, not realizing he is half the size of them and can’t do everything they can do.

*Last, but not least, being such a loving, great little boy. He loves giving hugs and kisses and his laugh leaves you smiling for hours after.

It’s easy to forget that this sweet little boy has been through so much! He is doing so well right now that we forget that anything is wrong.

Matt has been traveling a lot with the band, but when he is home he always makes sure to give them special attention. I give him so much credit for juggling all the friends, family and travel with such a genuine spirit. Sarah is doing great with the kiddos at home. I definitely look up to my sister and admire who she is as a person and how she is a super mom. Bowen is really lucky to have the parents and siblings that he does, and I’m so grateful he’s growing up in a wonderful, loving, Christ-centered home.

This beautiful boy and family make going to school three hours away very difficult.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and for caring so much for him and his progress.