He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. Sometimes we just sit and look at his little white legs and blue toes poking through those brightly colored little boy briefs, and take a moment to marvel at our little miracle man. We put our hands on his forehead to make sure he’s not too hot or cold, lean in close to make sure he’s breathing, and gently kiss his cheek.

A heart parent can get caught up in these moments, trying to imagine life without our child, and we just can’t.

We took Bowen to the doctor a few weeks ago because we feared something was going wrong. We thought that we might receive bad news from his heart echo and chest x-rays, but quite the contrary, we received news that his heart is stronger than ever!  We tentatively have scheduled Bowen’s third surgery for next April, but are praying that God continues to strengthen his heart. We still covet your prayers.

I don’t blog about Bowen as much these days. It’s not because I don’t want to, but it’s simply because I’ve been letting myself rest and enjoy this season of being together with my family. The past few months have been especially sweet because I’ve been able to spend a lot of focused time with Sarah and the kids at home, and also because I feel like I’m watching our baby Bowen grow into a big boy right before our eyes; and boy, does his personality shine!

You should see how full of life he has become. I love it when he smiles, and in that shy silly voice says, “Tickle me dad.”  Then he screams with laughter, “Do it again!” It brings me joy to watch him run and play, put together puzzles, dance, sing, and beat on the drums. When there are no drums to play nearby, he just yells, “BUM, BUM!” at the top of his lungs.  His love for music, especially Daddy’s songs, makes me proud.

Bowen turns three years old today, and it’s hard to hold back tears of joy even as I type these words. Thank you Jesus! Our hearts are full of joy that the Lord has allowed us hold on to Bowen for these three years, and it’s our hearts’ desire that we get to spend our lifetime together with our son.

We love you Bowen, and we are so proud of the boy you’re becoming. You are brave and sweet spirited, and we are so blessed God gave us you.


Entertaining his groupies.

Open up Lewis.

Big boy bed.

Bedtime with big sister.

Rock N’ Roll!

Don’t make me intervene. 🙂

That’s more like it.