Today is Bowen’s fourth birthday, and we made this ridiculous video to show you how much fun we’re having around here! Life is full of joy, and we remain grateful for good reports on Bowen’s health. If you have a few minutes, watch our HEARTWHEEL video, and consider making a donation to Whole Hearts Foundation in honor of Bowen’s birthday. Simply click the DONATE button on the right sidebar of this blog to help us continue supporting other families who have children with Congenital Heart Disease.

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I can’t tell you how grateful we remain as we watch Bowen grow. We never forget the painful times we endured in the hospital in those early days of his life. Nothing has made us pray so hard, hurt so much, and yet cause us to trust so deeply in our God who gives and takes. Though we are experiencing a season of health, short of a miracle, heart disease never goes away. We live with the reality that at any time, the signs of heart failure could begin to show. So please continue to pray for the Hammitt’s, that God will give us grace, health and strength to take on each day with joy, no matter what it brings.

Happy Birthday Bowen! Your sweet personality, smile and voice light up a room. You bring so much richness to this life of ours, and we can’t imagine it without you!