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Hey friends,

Just wanted to check in and post some new pics of our little man. Bowen has been doing fantastic. He continues to have lots of energy and his O2 sats are in the 80’s on average. He continues to be consumed by music (just like his dad), and his days are filled with entertaining us all with concerts. We recently made a small stage in his room and turned one of his closets in to a “backstage” area. He takes this all very seriously, and spends plenty of time planning his entrance before each show.

Here are few updates on some things that have happened since we last posted.

I want to start with Halloween, because I made some special costumes for the family that turned up in our family Christmas card this year. If you didn’t see the Elf on a Shelf photo on Facebook, check it out below. We had so much fun crafting these costumes with the kids as a homeschool project, and Matt even joined in. He looks extra cool in this photo shoot.

Last December, I headed up the annual “Heart Hero’s Holiday In a Bag” for Whole Hearts Foundation. We were pleased to have our friends Chuck and Anita Peterson, from Indianapolis, represent us at Riley Hospital for Children. Just like the previous year, we delivered Christmas Trees, ornaments and decorations to families who couldn’t make it home for the holidays. This year was extra special because some of the staff from K-Love joined Chuck and Anita in Indy, and Bowen delivered the trees with me in Ann Arbor. Bowen also had a cardiology appointment that day, and he checked out great.

In January we took Bowen on the K-Love Cruise. It was his first plane ride, cruise and trip to the ocean. It was a very special time because radio stations like K-Love, and their listeners, prayed for Bowen during our hardest times. So many people came up to Bowen, telling him how they continue to pray for him. That meant the world to us all. Bowen also had the chance to hang out with some of his favorite bands from the radio, like For King & Country and the Newsboys. He was full of joy and rocked out to many late night concerts.

We are also posting a few pics from the holidays, both Christmas and Easter. Every year, Bowen’s Grammy Pammy hosts a massive easter egg hunt in her yard. Despite his condition, Bowen kept up with the best of them, filling his bag with enough candy to last him a week.

Before you scroll down to the pics, we want to share some unfortunate news. Our email and RSS feed for Bowen’s Heart has somehow been wiped out, and we can’t seem to get to the bottom of it. We are sad that our subscriber list is gone. In light of this, Matt has decided to start one central email list, that will include news on Bowen, as well as other upcoming projects that we have planned. There are some exciting things in the works and we want you to be the first to know about them. If you’d like to stay updated, please subscribe to our new list on the sidebar to the right.

Thanks again for your love and prayers.

xo Sarah


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Elves On a Shelf

Photo-52 - Version 2


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A Heart Hero’s Holiday In a Bag


Thanks to the Peterson’s for their help at Riley

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Gettin’ Big


An Old Friend



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Bowen’s First Plane Ride


Dinner on the Cruise

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With Angie!

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With His Hero Joel, from For King & Country

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Mr. Tait