14192074_10154564299305407_206629157661462649_nBOWEN  IS  6!!

This past week, on September 9, Bowen Matthew Hammitt turned 6 years old! S-I-X!!! Let me shout it again, BOWEN IS 6!!!! Thank you Jesus for 6 years with my Mr. Bowen, my sweet little man.

Leading up to this week I didn’t anticipate being so emotional, yet here I am with tears in my eyes in deep reflection. Every minute, hour, day, week, month, and year with all children is a gift but, when you have watched your child and other children around you dying your appreciation for the milestones are more intense. Mommies to sick kids always have on our minds the reality that tomorrow is simply not promised. We must celebrate and enjoy now. As always, my deepest sympathy to the mommies/families who have had to say goodbye for now. Also my heart goes out to the mommies in the middle of the nightmare or with less optimal outcomes.

Bowen and Matthew flew up north on Bowens actual birthday to Michigan from Nashville to do a fundraiser called Caden’s Full Throttle Event with the University of Michigan. Caden was a little boy who went to heaven at the age of 11 after a life long battle with heart disease and cancer. He was born with HLHS, transplanted at 6 weeks, diagnosed with transplant cancer at age 7, and at age 10 he was in need of a 2nd heart and went to heaven before it became available. Please pray for this family and their broken hearts. They will be preforming 3 songs together. What a wonderful way to celebrate his 6th birthday. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine 6 years ago that my half hearted wonder would be doing something like this. He is thriving!

For those of you interested in his medical status, his O2 is 85/87(but prob drops high 60s at times). He is a second stage repair (hemi-Fontan) by choice. He is ready too move forward, but we have followed the advice of a few Drs throughout the country with the opinion that it is ok to wait it out awhile. He only takes aspirin. He will potentially need at least one more surgery called the Fontan at some point in the near future. Prognosis seems to remain the same. They can’t tell us much but 30% of kids don’t make it to 5 and most won’t make it passed early adulthood. Although, from my vantage point it seems things are getting much more optimistic for single ventricles. There are many adults thriving. There are also many advancements happening and we are feeling hopeful. It takes medicine a long time to change stats, especially in the CHD world. Only time will tell. For now we trust God and His will for Bowens life.

This week is also the anniversary of Bowens cardiac arrest. We always like to reflect on this date because it is such a testimony. Six years ago on September 14 at 2:13 am, Bowens heart stopped beating and received over an hour of compressions and then was placed onto ECMO. There are no words to express out gratefulness to God that Bowen pulled through that event and is here with us enjoying a full life.

As always thank you for your love and support to our family. It truly means so much to us. When you pray for our family always remember to pray for the whole congenital heart community. We need it. May God bless you all this week.

PS: We have another celebration this weekend so I will update this post with a few new pics.



Birthday Boy.






The cousins were in town to celebrate!



Grandma Gail and Papa Gary



My mom and Bowen have birthdays 3 days apart:)



Matthew and Bowen at the event.



September 14, 2016



September 14, 2010