Hello friends. Its been a LONG while since we updated Bowen’s Heart. It has been theriputic for us to distance ourselves from things that remind us of Bowen being sick. Although, I have missed bowensheart.com and the community we formed…..Rest assured if Bowen’s sickness becomes acute again I will start posting more. 

So, we are back in Ann Arbor for Bowens heart cath. It will take place Tuesday morning, May 30, at 8:30.  We have tried every which way to put it off again, but the drs insist we do it now. So here we are. We have a big peace about it. Bowen is in good spirits, almost excited. Being back at the hospital is a huge reminder that Bowen is sick…..its still so hard to process sometimes.  Pray with us for a smooth procedure, good results and more time!!