Heart Strong!


Hello friends. Its been a LONG while since we updated Bowen’s Heart. It has been theriputic for us to distance ourselves from things that remind us of Bowen being sick. Although, I have missed bowensheart.com and the community we formed…..Rest assured if Bowen’s sickness becomes acute again I will start posting more. 

So, we are back in Ann Arbor for Bowens heart cath. It will take place Tuesday morning, May 30, at 8:30.  We have tried every which way to put it off again, but the drs insist we do it now. So here we are. We have a big peace about it. Bowen is in good spirits, almost excited. Being back at the hospital is a huge reminder that Bowen is sick…..its still so hard to process sometimes.  Pray with us for a smooth procedure, good results and more time!!


Bowen is SIX!

BOWEN  IS  6!! This past week, on September 9, Bowen Matthew Hammitt turned 6 years old! S-I-X!!! Let me shout it again, BOWEN IS 6!!!! Thank you Jesus for 6 …

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Bowen’s Fifth Birthday!

In 2010, we found out that 30% of children born with heart disease die before the age of five. Today, Bowen turns five! To celebrate we’ve released a special video …

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Hey friends, Just wanted to check in and post some new pics of our little man. Bowen has been doing fantastic. He continues to have lots of energy and his O2 sats are in …

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Today is Bowen’s fourth birthday, and we made this ridiculous video to show you how much fun we’re having around here! Life is full of joy, and we remain grateful …

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Hey there Bowen’s heart family!  It’s hard to believe it’s been eight months since we’ve posted.  We think of you all the time.  To those who have been asking for …

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